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Boat/Watercraft Insurance Coverages

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Tennesseans are no strangers to the joys of playing on the water. As such, watercraft and boats plying local waterways around Chattanooga, TN are rarely operating alone, so having boating insurance is a critical component to protecting your property, toys, and health in the event of a boating loss, accident, or injury. Here at Greater Chattanooga Insurance, we have boating and watercraft policies that are crafted for your active boating lifestyle. If you have questions about protecting your boat out on the water, here are some of the leading advantages of purchasing a boat insurance policy.

Advantages of Buying a Boat Insurance Policy

While boating insurance is not a requirement under Tennessee law, it is highly recommended that you get the coverage you need to protect you, your loved ones, your toys, and your financial future. Just some of the advantages of buying a boat or watercraft insurance policy include:

  • Property damage liability - protects you should you damage another boat or property while out on the water,
  • Collision damage - will repair or replace your boat should it be damaged in a collision or accident,
  • Bodily injury liability - protects your assets should you injure someone while operating your boat or watercraft,
  • Comprehensive coverage - protects you against loss from theft, vandalism, or damage occasioned by non-collision reasons.

Contact Greater Chattanooga Insurance to Discuss Boat Insurance

Getting out and enjoying everything the waterways around Chattanooga, TN has to offer is one of the reasons why we love living in the area. Protecting your boat and water toys out on the water means ensuring that your coverage will protect you in the worst-case scenario out on the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the area. Here at Greater Chattanooga Insurance, our agents can assist in writing a boating policy, so you can rest easy knowing that whatever the water may throw your way, you will have the insurance coverage you need.

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